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"Put him in the back of a squad car,
Restrain that man
He needs his head put through a CAT scan."

Hey editor, I'm undeniable!
Hey doctor, I'm certifiable, oh

I'm a loose bolt of a complete machine.
What a match,
I'm half doomed &
You're semi sweet.

Thomas | 24 | UK
I draw, I lament, I procrastinate.

Far Cry 4

Looks too similar to Far Cry 3, idk what the big fuss is all about tbh.

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Tamaki moping in the corner | Requested by kuzumakies

It’s me.

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Doctor Who Season 8 every episode:

Clara: Doctor did you notice I look attractive

Doctor: No I really don’t fancy you anymore I’m hilariously indifferent as to how you look.

*audience laughs*

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I love the new Electric Fruit Rockstar

It’s kind of kiwi flavour, like that Relentless one but better. After the wholly disappointing new Blue Raspberry flavour, my faith in Rockstar has been restored. &I am in heart with the colour scheme of the can.

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"That’s all I need to know.”

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